TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS is pleased to offer their full line of military and law enforcement consulting services to any production company
seeking to achieve the highest level of realism.  Need to stage a crime scene?  Looking for some silent professionals to assault an oil tanker or take
down a plane full of hostages?  Or maybe you just need some uniformed police officers and some detectives to fill up your background.  Whatever you
need we can provide it for you.  Through research and experience our people are prepared to make your vision come to life.     
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS is able to provide full S.W.A.T. Team gear in various styles and colors.  We have a variety of rental packages
available that range from, JUST FOR LOOKS, to FULLY LOADED.  We also carry a wide variety of weapons and accessories that are needed
for various tactical applications.  This extensive wardrobe collection and arsenal is owned and maintained by TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS.     
Creating the proper look for any scene is important, and TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS provides you
with expert law enforcement and military consulting to help you achieve the look of your film, photo
session or multimedia presentation.  All done with professionals who have worked in the Law
Enforcement and Military community.  Doing research on the internet is not the same as having a
seasoned professional who has served right there to help you achieve the accuracy you need for
your production.  Many movie mistakes are made that way and in this age of hyper realism, it's
crucial to separate yourself from the amateurs.  

We can help you stage realistic crime scenes, military encampments, drug labs, and much more.  
All with the aid of our extensive wardrobe and prop departments where your audience will be
sucked right into the scene and believe they are part of the action.
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