Safety is an essential part of working with any Firearm Props, and TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS takes
the responsibility of Firearm Safety to the highest level with your actors and crew.  Our professional
crew who are all fully licensed and trained will help you ensure that your cast and crew are prepared
for the weight of the responsibility.  We provide training sessions for your cast and crew on site who
may be exposed to these special props which include the basics of firearm safety.  In addition, we'll
also help you work with local law enforcement so any scenes which require these props will be done
without incident.

 It doesn't matter if the prop is rubber, steel, an airsoft gun, or even one of our blank firing guns.  
We treat each and every one of our firearm props as though they are the real thing.  We pride
ourselves on never  having an accident while being consulted on set.  It is our job to make sure
anyone who uses the props we rent is fully trained with the responsibility of their use.  Along with
our trained professionals by your side, you'll be rest assured that your cast and crew are safe
while working with us.
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