Prepare yourself for action adventure like you have never seen it before, poorly lit and
starring people that you have never heard of.  The Adventures of Indiana James is an
online web series produced by Thomas Pimentel and TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS.  
This action/adventure/parroty (NOT A TYPO), spoofs The Indiana Jones films while telling
an original storyline wrapped around the music and influences of Jimmy Buffett.  Truly a
one of a kind experience, Indiana James tips its fedora to some of the greatest films ever
made including
Young Frankenstein, Star Wars, Blazing Saddles, The Blues Brothers,
and many more.   The Adventures of Indiana James is the biggest and most
ambitious production ever undertaken by TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS and is sure to be a
cult classic, or at least that's what I'm telling my mom.  Currently in production/post
production and shooting all over New England, Florida, and the Caribbean.   A charming
action/comedy with a cast of hundreds.  Coming to Vimeo in summer 2016.  Join us for
the adventure.  You'll be sorry that you did.   Fans can catch up with updates by visiting  

Thank you and Phinz up!