On this page you will find current information about productions that are underway as well as TNT sneak peeks.
On June 6, 2015, TNT LTD PRODUCTIONS celebrated their 12th anniversary in business.
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DATELINE:  March 15th 2016
The men and women at the IndyMag have once again rolled out the red
carpet for Indiana James.
The Adventures of Indiana James is featured in
IndyMag 9.  
Please check out the link to read about the status of the web series,
read a few quotes from TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS very own, Lightning
Luke, and get some details about the upcoming Parrot Head movie.  
Special thanks to Josephine Mori and Junior Jones for their
dedication, fan loyalty and willingness to listen to our story.  Now that
Indy V has been announced you can forget that we ever met on
facebook.  Goodnight everybody!
The Return of the Great Misadventure