CONGRATULATIONS to Thomas Pimentel and TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS and the Cast and crew of Indiana James and the Raiders
concert in Mansfield Massachusetts at the Tweeter Center to open up the second half of the show.  The video was received with laughs,
whistles and applause.  "You could feel the excitement in the crowd, especially when the beach ball came rolling down that huge ramp after
Indy."  Director Thomas Pimentel also said that the surprises and excitement did not end there.  "On Thursday night I was invited back stage
because Jimmy wanted to meet ME.  They didn't tell me that I could meet Jimmy.  They said he wanted to meet me.  I got to hang out back
stage with Jimmy Buffett's video director, Stan Kellam, and see how the show is put together.  I was introduced to Buffett and he told me that
he saw the movie and laughed his ass off.  I was floored.  Almost five years of hard work had definitely paid off.  We talked about editing and
he wanted to know why I made the movie.  I explained to him that I had an overactive imagination by which he replied, I can relate to that.  
Buffett then told me that he wants to be in the movie and we would go on to discuss logistics of working him into the project with a cameo.  
Could this dream get any better?  We shook hands again and I thanked him for the tremendous opportunity and told him to have a good show.  
Buffett then told me that he was honored to meet me and went right to the stage.  Even though the video was not played Thursday night
because of the rain, they don't take an intermission if it rains too hard, it was played on Saturday night.  One of my dreams was realized and I
was able to meet one of my idols.  If anything my encounter with Jimmy Buffett has taught me one thing.  Never, ever stop trying to achieve
your goals.  Never settle for mediocre and never stop chasing your dreams.  and luck we will get by.
            -THOMAS PIMENTEL
Tonight Show Style entrance.
APRIL 2006 INDIANA JAMES DIRECTOR Thomas Pimentel sits down to talk with late night host, T.C. Restani and the gang.  
Thomas was there promoting Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt.  Special thanks to Rick Murphy, TNT
Producer Brendan Benecchi and Chris, Pat, Maureen and Jen for cheering me on.  Click on the link to watch the entire interview.   
Andy Sawyer, Andrew Shanley and
Thomas Pimentel on winning the
Production Creativity Award from FATV.  
Click to watch the award segment and
speeches from Director Andy Sawyer and
Producer Andrew Shanley.   
Alien’ attacks Gardner Lights, camera … horror
Local film makers create sequel
By Craig S. Semon Staff reporter

Film makers and cast of "Alien Influx" are,
from left, Ryan Sullivan, Thomas Pimentel,
Andy Sawyer, Andrew Shanley and Chrissy
Rondano. (CRAIG S. SEMON)
picked up by its first Indiana Jones fan website.  Gilles Verschuere, the web designer and owner of the
fantastic website, the, has posted the trailer and some photos along with a listing of the cast and
Thanks to Gilles for all of his hard work.  "I hope that this will expand our audience and reach the hardcore
base of Jones fans."  Director Thomas Pimentel.  Please check out the website and you can watch some other
great Indiana Jones fan creations.    
getting closer to completion.  On Sunday October 30th 2005 the TNT LTD.
PRODUCTIONS cast and crew braved the cold weather and water to shoot
one of the last major scenes of the epic production.  "The scene is simple,
Indy swings on the vine into the water and swims to the sea plane.  No
problem."  Director Thomas Pimentel rarely looks on the bright side but on
and I'm standing on the float of a moving sea plane.  We're on a beach and
it's a beautiful day.  If I had a drink in my hand it would be a perfect day at
the beach."  Surrounded by loyal friends and crew including; cameraman
MATT ROBAK, cameraman and executive producer ANDREW
ANDY SAWYER, still photographer and executive producer JENNIFER
MCMANUS, location supervisor MARK SPINELLI, Sunset Lake board
executive Sue Polleys and Bob Nugent.  The day was a huge success and
will prove to be one of the highlights of the production.  Thank you to
Jennifer Spinelli and Craig and Steven Gebo whose professionalism and
courtesy helped make a difficult shoot a success.   
NEWS FLASH — August 30, 2004
On Tuesday August 31, 2004 at approximately 7:45 A.M. FOX Morning News will feature THOMAS PIMENTEL and TNT LTD.
PRODUCTIONS in a special segment highlighting the pyrotechnics and props used in the upcoming feature, "Street Players."   Make sure
that you check it out and remember, "don't try this at home."
NEWS FLASH — August 28, 2004
Thomas Pimentel puts the finishing touches on the squibs
just before L.B. gets blown away.  Here's a tip.  If your
going after L.B. you had better bring a big fucking gun.  
V.B., preparing for his debut role as a bullet catcher.  
This guy is a natural and he handled himself like a
pro.  It was my pleasure to apply and detonate small
amounts of explosives on a local celebrity.     
Get it right the first time.  Mapping out the
action before the squibs go off.  Multiple
takes with pyrotechnics are expensive and
time consuming.
.  Thomas Pimentel explains how to operate
the Benelli M! Super 90 to L.B.  

The Mob stole everything from Jake Barnes. Left to die on the streets of Boston, his only hope for
redemption is to wage a bloody war of revenge against those responsible.

Street Players is a dark crime drama set in the Boston underground. It focuses on how far one man
will go for revenge. The screenplay has been described as a cross between ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘The
Sixth Sense.’ Production is set to begin during the fall of 2004.

Drew Pearlman created Road Rambler Films in 1997 out of his passion for film making. Road
Rambler Films has produced eight short films and numerous video projects during this time.  We are
currently in pre-production on a full length feature film, a gritty crime drama called "Street Players." In
addition, we have two horror films in the development stage, "Asylum 9" and "Devour."

Road Rambler films intends to thrive in the entertainment industry as an independent feature film
production company. By taking the film making process from conceptualization to final distribution,
we are committed to the highest quality of motion pictures.
CLICK icon to
watch trailer for A
In June of 2004 TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS was hired by
Fitter Happier Films for their Super 16 production of the
The story revolves around Desmond, a frustrated artist who is
convinced by his eccentric roommate to rob the bank in which he
works. Discouraged with life as a struggling artist, Desmond justifies
the robbery as a means to his fulfill his ambition of being a painter. His
girlfriend Julie comes from a wealthy home, which juxtaposes his own
feelings of financial inadequacy and is exacerbated by Julie's father
who puts pressure on Desmond to “get serious” with his life. However,
with the success of his first gallery exhibition of his artwork, Desmond
decides against the robbery forcing his best friend and co-conspirator
to decide whether or not to go it alone. Determined to forge ahead with
the robbery, Gideon puts Desmond in the position of being the former
“inside man” who now has to decide whether or not to help his friend
get away with it. The dramatic elements are enhanced by the comedic
offerings from Gideon's character. Having planned the crime by
watching all the bank-robber films he could get his hands on, the
amateur heist is doomed from the beginning. Gideon is very much the
opposite of Desmond, eccentric, brash, and unpredictable. This “odd
couple” pairing lends to contentious conversations that are quite
humorous. With an assortment of odd characters and a sincere
romantic relationship between Desmond and Julie, the story fulfills a
diverse range of genres. Ultimately a Drama, the film has plenty of
Comedic, Action, and Romantic offerings which all serve to enhance
each other and move the story along.
- Lacey Chabert
- John Krasinski
- Andrew Keegan
NBC's The Office
The female lead (the role of Julie) will be played by Lacey
Chabert. Most recently, Lacey is co-starring as Gretchen in
known for her role as Claudia on the hit show “Party of Five”.
The male lead (the role of Desmond) will be played by Andrew
Keegan. Andrew has also started his career in television. He
gained distinction on the hit television drama “7 th Heaven”.
After that, Andrew has gone on to star in such films as 10 Things
I Hate About You and O .
SWEET MALICE is coming to the big screen.  SWEET MALICE is an anthology of ten
horror and macabre.  Everything from psycho-stalkers to blood-thirsty werewolves.  This
anthology has it all.

Directed by: Andy Sawyer
Scripts, stories & screenplays by:  Andrew Shanley, Andy Sawyer & Thomas Pimentel
Featuring:  Jacquline McGuire, Lisa Robichaud, Michelle McDonald, Ken Sawyer, Andrew
Shanley, Thomas Pimentel, Andy Sawyer, Miguel Lopes, Nicole Graton, Jen Niles, Dee Dee
Stusse, Jessica Mangone, Alana Valera, Lisa Valera, Ben Lynch, Yolanda Swenson.
be working with, JOHNNY SLADE
PRODUCTIONS, on their latest the
company with blank-firing and replica
in Massachusetts.  The film titled,
finished another season on the HBO
show, THE SOPRANOS.  The film is
directed by Larry Blamire and the
majority of the film is being done in
Tewksbury, Massachusetts.  Many of
the key scenes in the film feature the
weapons provided by TNT and add to
the professional level of realism which
is sure to come through in the final
hits is slated to be featured at major
festivals around the country.  
Director, VON ROMMELL FERNANDEZ, sets up a
shot for his upcoming production, 5 PAST MIDNIGHT.
The story of 5 PAST MIDNIGHT takes
place in 1955 and required period
clothing and era appropriate weapons.  
Fedoras, Tommy guns and a 1955 Rolls
Royce were all used for the film.
RIGHT - A home in
East Boston on
Meridian Street used in
the film.  The art
department is actually
dirty.  Over three made
to look dirty for the
production.  The siding
and wood is treated
with a chemical before
the actual process to
make clean up easier
when the shooting is
ABOVE - A sidewalk in East Boston on Meridian Street used in the film.  
The names of the three main characters are carved into the cement.
October 2003.  Mystic River is based on the best selling novel by  Brighton
writer, Dennis Lehane.  I have had the privilege to work on the production
and here are some photos from the set.
Enter the TRAILER PARK to watch some previews and trailers of past and present productions.
WATCH OUR MOVIES ONLINE.   With WINDOWS MEDIA you can download some of our past productions and
even get a sneak peek at some of our upcoming productions.  The following pages have VIDEO files available for
your viewing pleasure.
downloads to come.  Keep checking back for more updates.  Thank you for visiting.  Hope you like what you see.
BELOW - The old Franklin Park Zoo was the location
used where Sean Penn's character's daughter's body is
found by Kevin Bacon and Laurence Fishburne
On this page you will find current information about productions that are underway as well as TNT sneak peeks.
5 PAST MIDNIGHT is a 16mm Black and
White film shot over four consecutive
nights including Thanksgiving.
DREW PEARLMAN discuss the action before rolling
the FOX cameras.
is no problem that can't be solved with a
suitable amount of explosives.
Click on Buried Treasue link to watch.
JANUARY 26th 2006
The January 7th Premiere of ,ALIEN INFLUX, was a huge success.  Thanks
to all of our family, friends and fans that supported us.  You can read all
about it in the Montachusett T&G in a great article written by Craig
Semon.  Special thanks to Craig for attending the premiere and giving us
an excellent write up in the paper.
JANUARY 28th 2006
Whether or not we become
famous or not, whether this
is a stepping stone to
something bigger or more
productive in the future or
everything we put together
so far.

Andrew Shanley,
L-R Producer Thomas Pimentel, Andrew Shanley and Andy Sawyer
THOMAS PIMENTEL chats it up with
host T.C. RESTANI.
On October 13th, 14th and 15th go see the boys of BOOOMASTER PICTURES and FLIPSIDE FILMS
at the annual ROCK & SHOCK CONVENTION at the Worcester Centrum.  Here is a report from
Producer ANDREW SHANLEY.  Here are some of the movies we will be bringing to the ROCK &
SHOCK Convention on October 13th, 14th, and 15th.
A double disk set which includes both features "Sweet Malice" & "Dire Lucidity" on one disk.  These two features              were highlighted in Fangoria's
Video Chopping List.  On the Second Disk it includes "Incantations" a feature with all new never before released material.  Also
Starring Jen Niles this classic is a film about a disturbed teenager with her own access program which is always controversial.  

"The Chase"
Starring Thomas Pimentel & Melissa Muntz.  About a man who thinks the world is out to get him sees a mysterious man chasing him while his doctor tries to
convince him that his delusions are just in his head.  All leading up to a suspenseful conclusion.

"Alien Influx Quarantine Edition"
Together we live.  The hit, award winning fan film, based on the "Alien" series that has been a sensation on the Internet is here.  Available free with purchase
of any of the above movies (While supplies last) it includes the Feature with has been seen by more that 14,000 people since January, Blooper Reel, Interviews
with the cast and crew, Commentary, Trailers, Production Photos & Interactive menus!   

These movies have been best sellers at the "Horror Find Weekend" in Baltimore.
Also, actress CHRISTINE RONDANO, star of the award winning fan film, ALIEN
INFLUX, will be on hand to sign autographs   and anyone who buys a movie will
receive a free copy of ALIEN INFLUX.  Go to http://   for
more info.  
JANUARY 31st, 2007.  The award winning fan film, ALIEN INFLUX has just
been accepted into the first annual RADCON FAN FILM FESTIVAL in
Washington State.  The project is entered under BEST FAN FILM over 20
minutes.  Also in the festival is,
, which will be competing for the best FAN FILM
TRAILER.  Go to for festival info and updates.
MARCH 5th 2007.  Director, Thomas Pimentel has submitted his 200 digital short, Running With
, to the upcoming reality television show Burnett, the creator of Survivor and the Apprentice.  
The winner gets a one million dollar development deal with Dreamworks Studios.  The show counts on the
fans to vote on who wins once they are picked for selection.  Please take a few minutes to visit the link and
leave some feedback for Running With Imagination.  Thank you.
MARCH 18th 2007.  Director, Andrew Shanley makes his triumphant return behind the
camera with his new action/horror, HANGMAN.  Go to
and watch the new trailer.

SYNOPSIS: Detective John Wells has a major problem. Four girls have mysteriously
disappeared on their way to a costume party. And the only one who can answer his
questions, is the one he suspects of their disappearances. This film while in production
has breathtaking special effects, action, and a killer who will make you look over your
shoulder every time you get set to "trick or treat"
MAY 2nd 2007.  Well, the votes are in and the new reality television show, ON THE LOT, is currently
shooting and Thomas Pimentel and TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS was not chosen as a finalist.  Thank you to
friends, family and loyal website visitors for watching the movie and submitting all of your generous
comments.  "ON THE LOT" premieres May 22nd on FOX                           
PATRICK KENRICK and the boys from the left coast came back home to Beantown to shoot the
promotional trailer for the movie, "SCOLLAY SQUARE".  MINUTEMAN FILMS spent four days in
Boston and New Hampshire shooting tons of footage for the 1948 police thriller that takes place in Boston.  
Teaming up with TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS, the group shot at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, downtown
Boston, Belmont Massachusetts, and several locations in Manchester New Hampshire.  The shoot was
incredibly sucessful and MINUTEMAN FILMS will continue to shoot additional scenes in California.      
JUNE 23rd, 2007.  INDIANA JAMES and the
RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT is back in
production.  After several months of being stuck indoors
INDIANA JAMES is back in full swing.  Saturday June 23rd
started off with a bang, shooting the GREATWOODS BAR
SCENE with sixteen actors and a full crew of family and
friends.  June 23rd also marked the introduction of MARION
GREATWOODS, played by the talented,
RONDANO.  Special thanks to CHRIS and ALAN
BENECCHI for opening their home to the production who
set up shop in their basement for the past eight months.    
tuned for more updates and check out the media link for a sneak
peak of KEVIN and CHRISTINA's Indiana James debuts.  
DATELINE:  AUGUST 16th, 2007
Independent filmmaker Thomas Pimentel stars
in the low-budget spoof “Indiana James and the
Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt,” which he
hopes to screen in October.
AUGUST 16th, 2007.  The luck of Elvis is shining over me once again.  On the 30th anniversary of the
death of the King and one day before my 30th birthday there is a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.  Craig
Semon from the Worcester T&G delivers another terrific article that would make any A-lister in Hollywood
blush.  ANDREW SHANLEY and myself sat down with CRAIG about two weeks ago to talk about our
upcoming projects and ideas for the future.  You can read the whole article at the following link.  Click on the
picture of a hand holding a whip.  You can't miss it.  Ironically it's right under a tribute video to ELVIS.

Thank you to Craig Semon and the folks at the Worcester T&G for another great article.  Thanks for being a fan
Craig and a great guy.  We hope to have more material for you in the future.

Viva Manch-Vegas Baby!  
"A Pirate Looks At Newport"
Latest Scuttlebutt

Did you go to see Jimmy Buffett at Gillette Stadium this year (or anywhere, for that
matter)??  Were you in your seats when they showed some entertaining footage of a
Raiders of the Lost Ark spoof film??  That wasn't just Jimmy horsing around like he
normally does every year.  That was footage from a real movie that is set to debut in
May 2008 named "Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt".

The Ocean State Parrot Head Club is proud to announce that we will be showcasing
an extended preview of this movie at the 13th Annual New England Parrot Head
Convention "A Pirate Looks At Newport"!!!  As if you needed another reason to
come to Newport to party with us.

Check out their website for more information about this Parrot Head movie!
DATELINE:  November 14th, 2007
INDIANA JAMES and the RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT will be heading to Rhode
Island on February 29th 2008.  TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS has been invited to make a presentation
at the thirteenth annual Parrothead Convention.  Check out the write up below that has been posted
on the Ocean State Parrothead Club Home page.   Feel free to contact us for information.  
Ocean State Parrot Head Club
Come toss out your anchor in our particular harbor.
DATELINE:  February 29th, 2008
FEBRUARY 29th, 2008  INDIANA JAMES and the
RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT was part of the
13th annual Parrothead convention in Newport Rhode Island.  
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS presented the crowd with an
exclusive twenty minute sneak peek of just some of the exciting
scenes from Indiana James.  Special thanks to C.J. Adams and
the members of the Ocean State Parrothead Club.  The sneak
peek was received with huge applause and laughs.  The
Parrotheads picked up on all of the inside jokes and Buffett
humor that we had been hoping for.  We couldn't have asked
for a better reception.  This really gives us inspiration to finish
the movie in the next few months.  Thanks to the cast and crew
who made the trip down to Newport.  Your support and
dedication to your craft and the production has been amazing,  I
couldn't shoot frame one without you.  -Thomas Pimentel    
CLICK PLAY ABOVE to watch a condensed version of the twenty minute
clip that we brought to the Parrothead Convention.
DATELINE:  April 4th, 2008
Congratulations to Christina Rondano
for landing a role in the new
comedy, MALL COPS, now
shooting in Burlington, Massachusetts
and also the Kate Hudson movie, BRIDE
WARS.  This is Chrissy's first major
motion picture role and we are sure it is
the first of many.  Chrissy is currently
working on a top secret Andy Sawyer
project and also ready to resume
shooting of Indiana James.  
Worldly friend,  Marcus Denny but to us he is
actor David Letendre.  David has just landed
the role of  
Tommy Albright in the musical
Brigadoon.     Go to the website for details and
show times.  

Reservations: CALL 617-484-7445
Belmont Town Hall 455 Concord Ave
DATELINE:  May 21st, 2008
DATELINE:  April 4th, 2008
Director , Thomas Pimentel was interviewed by Worcester
Telegram and Gazette Writer, Craig Semon about the
influence if Indiana Jones.  Click on the link above to read
the entire story about how many others have been influenced
by the success of Indiana Jones.  Special thanks again to
writer, Craig Semon.
DATELINE:  August 20th, 2008
AUGUST 20th, 2008
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS wants the fans to become
movie producers.  Do you want to be part of a history
making independent film?  Do you want to be associated
with the biggest Indiana Jones fan film of all time?  Well
now is your chance.  By clicking on the picture to the right
that reads,
so you want to be a movie producer, you will be
able to make a contribution to the production of Indiana
James.  There are three categories for becoming a
producer, Co-Producer, Producer, Executive Producer.  
Producers will be able to get their name in the credits,  
receive a movie poster and a completed copy of Indiana
James.  Click on the link to find out how to begin your
DATELINE:  February 20th, 2009

Richard Murphy
Boston Film Industry Examiner
Richard Murphy saw his first movie at
four years of age and has loved cinema
ever since. He is especially fond of film
noir, which is surprising considering his
sunny disposition. Richard can be reached
RICHARD MURPHY who will be playing the character of DEITER in the upcoming
Indiana James action comedy, is also a writer for the  Richard has
posted his first of many article about the production of Indiana James online today.  
Look for continuing articles form Richard in the future as he hope to document the rest
of the production process.  Richard's articles will include interviews with cast and crew,
coverage of major shooting dates and casting information for actors and crew.  Thanks
Richard for all your hard work.  We look forward to your coverage.  
DATELINE:  November 18th,  2009
DATELINE:  November 23rd, 2009

Richard Murphy
Boston Film Industry Examiner
Richard Murphy has another update about
Indiana James.  See what he has to say
about the new video, BOAT AROUND
THE WORLD, and get more info on
upcoming shooting dates for Indiana
DATELINE:  March 23rd, 2010
               He's a pilot, a shooter and a master diver and he's also my big brother.  He has been my ass double for all of my love
scenes but now, MICHAEL PIMENTEL, is doing something a little more serious, running for the troops.   

On May 23rd Michael will be participating in a 9K to support returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. The
Home Base Program is a new philanthropic partnership between the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital
dedicated to improving the lives of New England servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with combat stress
disorders and/or traumatic brain injury through clinical care, innovative research, education, family support and community
outreach. Michael has pledged to raise $1,000.  Please help support this great cause by donating at Mike's webpage! Thank you in
advance for your generosity. To join, follow the link below. Thanks for your support Mike

To join, follow the link below,
Left- T.N.T's  Flying Ace
and Dive Master
DATELINE:  April 23rd, 2010
Matthew Whorf from the Walpole Times met with
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS on Saturday April 17th, to talk
about the upcoming shoot at Brookline Moving and
Storage.   Special thanks to Matt Whorf and Patrick
Lundgren.   Click on the link below to read the story.  
DATELINE:  February 27th, 2011
Indiana James official biographer, Richard Murphy, is
back, with another report from the set.
Was that Lawrence of Chelmsford? Try Indiana James

Seriously, why are people making a movie about the Caribbean in a cold Warehouse in a town outside of
Lowell?  Beats me, but I was there.  The warehouse had two temperature settings, Arctic and Antarctic.  It
happened last week, but as I've only just thawed out, you only read about it now.  Yet, as body numbing as
the temp was, no one left.  Indiana James is that much fun.…
DATELINE:  June 6th, 2011
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS celebrates eight years in business.

As Steve Kareta looks back on 10 years with Changes in Latitudes, the popular Jimmy Buffet tribute, he appreciates more and
more the music and opportunity that has grown out of that experience.   “It really started as a goof,” he said. “But we’ve toured
all over from Akron, Ohio, to Chicago, and Jacksonville, Fla. We played a Disney cruise in January. I have been able to grow old
with it without faking something I’m not.”   The tribute has also inspired Kareta’s original music.   “The flip side of all the Buffet
hysteria is this new sound,” he said. “My original stuff is country-cajun, which really fits in well with the ‘trop-rock’ craze.”  
Buffet is credited with coining the term “trop-roc,” but in recent years the genre has expanded to include country and mainstream
artists like Kenny Chesney and Jack Johnson.  “We’ve really don’t push it that much,” said Kareta, referring to his original
group Steve Kareta and Changes. “It is only starting to become a viable entity.”   

The band’s CD “Summer State of Mind” includes appearances by Buffet’s Coral Reefer band mate Doyle Grisham (pedal steel).
Kareta is also working with the Deb Grisham Entertainment out of Nashville that books several Coral Reefer Band solo
“I’ve just started working this network,” Kareta said. “It feels like we are on the front edge of this bubble.”
Changes in Latitudes will play the Springfield Elks club on Tiffany Street in Springfield on June 18. The show starts at 6 p.m. The
tribute also performs at Stanley Park in Westfield on June 26.

For more information check out
For more information on Kareta’s original project, log on to
Changes in Latitudes rides 'trop-roc' craze
DATELINE:  June 10th, 2011
Steve Kareta and Changes bring trop-roc to New England and the soundtrack of Indiana James.
Steve Kareta and Changes may be rocking hard this summer all around the country but they will also be featured in the upcoming
music off of two of their original albums, Tequila Inspiration and By The Sea.  The music of Steve Kareta and Changes fits
perfectly with the Caribbean themed action/adventure style of the Indiana James movie.

"Steve and his band have great songs and when
I heard one of them I actually rewrote the last scene of the movie.  They totally
capture the Jimmy Buffett feel but at the same
time clearly make their sound original and fresh.  Their music has brought my
movie to an entirely different level and we
appreciate it.  I have seen the band live and they kick ass.  I have seen many Buffett
wannabees but Changes is in a category all their
on.  Thanks to Steve and the band.  Can't wait for you to see the final product on
screen.  PHINZ UP!"  Thomas Pimentel,
Director of Indiana James.

Go to for more info about the upcoming movie.
From Donnie Moorhouse, The Republican
DATELINE:  June 29th, 2012
On June 6, 2012, TNT LTD PRODUCTIONS celebrated their 9th anniversary of being in business
On June 6th, 2012, TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS celebrated nine years in the entertainment business.  During that time we have made some
amazing friends and created many memorable moments captured on film.  Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to bring my
imagination to life.
DATELINE:  June 13th, 2013
On June 6, 2013, TNT LTD PRODUCTIONS celebrated their 10th anniversary of being in business
Watch the 10 Year Anniversary video below.
On June 6, 2015, TNT LTD PRODUCTIONS celebrated their 12th anniversary in business.
TNT - "Conned" behind the scenes

Posted by PJ Kenrick on Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Take a ride through twelve years of making movies
with Thomas Pimentel and TNT LTD.
Behind the scenes look at the movie CONNED.  TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS provided the uniforms and gear for the
Police, FBI, and SWAT team sequences.  
DATELINE:  March 15th 2016
The men and women at the IndyMag have once again rolled out
the red carpet for Indiana James.
The Adventures of Indiana James is featured in
IndyMag 9.  
Please check out the link to read about the status of the web
series, read a few quotes from TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS very
own, Lightning Luke, and get some details about the upcoming
Parrot Head movie.  Special thanks to Josephine Mori and Junior
Jones for their dedication, fan loyalty and willingness to listen to
our story.  Now that Indy V has been announced you can forget
that we ever met on facebook.  Goodnight everybody!
The Return of the Great Misadventure