A digital short featuring an unlikely group of characters like; Batman, Indiana Jones, Jason from Friday the 13th, Freddy Kruger, Michael
Myers, Obi-Wan, and the Ghostbusters.  A journey through a haunted house conjures up some creepy characters and one of the oldest and
scariest spirits of all, the Ghost of the Bambino.  A cool combination of practical and digital effects and sparked with an original concept
makes RUTHBUSTERS one of TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS most ambitious shorts to date.  
Starring:  Phil Luongo, Thomas Pimentel, Andy Shanley.
A 30 second commercial for the 92.5 radio station in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  A spoof of the Chevrolet Colorado superbowl
commercial.  Five friends are driving in their suv while one of them is singing Shania Twain's song, "I Feel Like A Woman."  The four
other passengers in the suv finally have their fill and eject their crooning friend from the vehicle.            
A tribute to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  A story told through historic images taken on the day of the tragedy and
documented news footage.  We can not afford to forget the terrible events that took place on September 11th, 2001.  Everyone was
effected by September 11th and many of us struggled with finding a way to express our anger or sadness or both.  This video is my
own personal way of dealing with the horrific events and paying tribute to our fallen heroes.        
A television commercial for St. Francis of Assissi School in Medford, Ma. A young couple is up to some mischief when they discover
that their school is already occupied by some unwanted guests.  This 30 second television spot is filled with classic horror characters like
Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason and a school full of the un-dead.  Written and directed by Thomas Pimentel.  The commercial will air on
channels 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9, throughout the month of October.
Based on a short story written by Thomas Pimentel, DON'T LET THEM HEAR YOU is a bizarre story of obsession, anger, and
madness.  When two FBI Agents investigate a serial be-heading case they find themselves in too deep and with no place to run.   
Special Agent William Rubertti and is his partner, Special Agent Phillip Hughes find themselves caught in the clutches of an insane killer
who has no intention of letting Rubertti and Hughes escape.  
DON'T LET THEM HEAR YOU is a disturbing tale that will leave you
Short action videos have never been better.  RUNNING WITH IMAGINATION provides a glimpse into the creative mind of a young
film-maker when his imagination kicks into overdrive.  Rapid editing and special effects make this video short an entertaining and
impressive production from start to finish.      
When a group of rogue assassins begin a killing spree in government buildings and facilities the United States turns to the one man who
can handle the job, Seal Team Captain Doug McQuade.  Once again the Department of Defense enlists McQuade's deadly talents and sets
him loose on the trail.  With his long time friend Lt. Commander Chance Taylor at his side the chase is on.  
Silent Treason blends realistic
action with high impact adventure and heart pounding plot twists.  Silent Treason is a smart, slick espionage thriller.  The country is
safe.  Captain McQuade is on the job.   
When the Boston Police and the Russian Mafia square off in a deadly grudge match Detective Thomas Murphy, THOMAS
PIMENTEL, finds himself overwhelmed and outnumbered.  Murphy digs too deep and uncovers a sinister plot involving the FBI.  
Special Agent Katherine Roosevelt joins forces with Murphy and the unlikely pair soon become the targets of a conspiracy that has
roots deeper than both could imagine.  This full-length digital feature combines intense drama and realistic action with solid acting and
original story telling.  
THE MINISTER'S PAWN promises to be one of the most intense projects that TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS has
ever undergone.  
Boston 1955.  An rival mobster thinks he can get away scott-free with a kingpin's cash.  Guess again.  5 PAST MIDNIGHT, written by
THOMAS PIMENTEL and Directed by VON ROMMELL FERNANDEZ, is a classic gangster flic that has all of the classic elements of
film nor.  Dark and filled with shadows, 5 PAST MIDNIGHT is a well done production that derives its power from the close attention to
detail and its beautiful cinematography.  Look for high quality special effects and precision stunt work from ANDREW SHANLEY.  Stars
After the tragic death of his wife and son, a washed-up Navy Seal is recruited back into duty when a terrorist, Brendan Shane, takes the
President of the United States hostage and threatens the free world with a nuclear arsenal.  Seal Team Captain, Doug McQuade, dusts
off his uniform and skills to take down Shane and his terrorist cell, his mission, eliminate Shane using
THOMAS PIMENTEL plays Doug McQuade in an action packed game of spy vs. spy.          
This action packed web series is a (parroty) of the film classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The wild storyline combines the world of
Indiana Jones and the music and influences of Jimmy Buffett.  Truly a one of a kind experience, The AOIJ, tips its fedora to some of the
greatest films ever made including, Young Frankenstein, Star Wars, Blazing Saddles, The Blues Brothers, Airplane and many more.   The
AOIJ is considered the biggest and most ambitious production ever undertaken by TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS and is sure to be a cult
phenomenon with movie fans around the globe.
The first animated digital short from TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS made before the Patriots won the Superbowl in 2015.  A parody of
Guardians Of The Galaxy, this animated short highlights Tom Brady's rise as the 2015 Superbowl champion and new Starlord.   Directed
by: Thomas Pimentel
A Fan Film created by BOOMASTER PICTURES, FLIPSIDE FILMS, and TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS.  Winner of the Boulder Award in
Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  Starring Christina Rondano, Thomas Pimentel, Andrew Shanley, Phil Luongo, and Andy Sawyer.