In the film and television world, authentic wardrobe and props are seen in every production and play an important part in translating the story.  
Props and wardrobe also add a level of power and presentation that enhances the audience's entertainment experience.  We at TNT LTD.
PRODUCTIONS provide a range of props to a wide variety of film-makers with authenticity and budget always in mind.

Our costume rentals include all branches of the military, police, S.W.A.T, special operations, EMT, FBI, and many more.  We also stock an
extensive collection of replica and blank-firing firearms that range in style, color and period.  We carry wardrobe and props that would be
extremely difficult to find or simply too expensive to purchase for a few scenes or just one project.  Looking to outfit Army soldiers?  Do you need
uniformed police officers?  Perhaps you need to organize a crime scene with EMTs, Detectives, Forensic Examiners.  We can even supply you
with a corpse.  TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS will supply the necessary equipment to give your production that extra edge.  We pride ourselves on
offering flexible and affordable pricing that won't break your budget.

We also provide extras casting to help fill-out those uniforms with individuals who not only look the part but will add a level of realism to your
story.  The people that we supply have had years of experience with tactical movement and firearms experience, many of whom come from
related backgrounds such as; firefighters, national guardsmen, police officers, pilots, master scuba divers, social workers, coroners and military
and law enforcement historians.  In addition to looking good our people can talk the talk.  Over the past fifteen years our people have been involved
in various stunt work ranging from high falls and being dragged behind trucks to staged fist fights and gun fights.  I pride myself on realism.  I
research everything and talk to all the experts and read all the books on a particular subject.  We offer a wide range of consulting services and we
guarantee that your production will receive high marks for its attention to detail.    

WE PROVIDE- Accurate police, military, law enforcement and other various costumes rentals.
- A supportive staff with technical expertise.
- Replica airsoft and blank-firing firearms of various types and configurations.
- Up to date information and technical assistance with extras casting.
- Affordable pricing.
- Pyrotechnics which include squibs, gerbs, flashpots and make-up.
- A cast of actors who are tactically proficient with military, police, S.W.A.T. and special
operations tactics and stunt work.

- Period weaponry such as the M-1921 "Tommy Gun" in both Chicago gangster style and the
WWII G.I. style.
- Authentic S.W.A.T. Team uniforms and weaponry complete with body armor.
- Police and Sheriff uniforms with shirts, pants, hats, jackets and complete duty belts.
- Military uniforms for all major branches in every conceivable configuration from dress to BDU
and all uniforms in between.
- Airsoft pistol and rifle replicas in every available configuration including Glock, Beretta,M-16, MP5 and many more.
- Blank-firing replica pistols.
- Made to order costumes:  You have specifications of your own?  We can accommodate.

- We primarily serve the Massachusetts area, but can provide services anywhere in the world.
So if your production brings you to New England make sure you look us up.
- We also ship props out of state.  An extended contract is necessary.  Please feel free to contact us for more details.


TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS is the number one supplier of military and law enforcement props and wardrobe in New England.
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